Thursday, May 2, 2013

Expo Update

The Knoxville Natural Parenting Expo was a great success! There were so many people there who were obviously excited about meeting others who are interested in healthy lifestyle alternatives.

I met many kind mothers (and fathers!). My heart was broken as I heard stories of difficult previous births. My heart rejoiced as I heard stories of parents who have decided to take charge of their birth experiences and have a doula at the birth of their next baby.

I would so love to see these parents have the birth they want. There is a joy that comes when a mother is encouraged to take advantage of the options she has in giving birth. Whether it be something so basic as walking during labor, or something considered more "radical" like birthing at home, giving her the freedom to make her own choices in labor and birth helps a mother enjoy the experience so much more and actually aids in better bonding with her baby.

If you want more information about what it means to have a doula at the birth of your child, please email me. You can also find me on my Facebook page: I would love to talk to you about how I can help you.