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Updated on 3/22/13

Wonderfully Made Childbirth Services (the following is copied from my contract and describes the services I provide)

* Our labor doula will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, beginning 2 weeks before the EDD and ending 2 weeks after the birth of our child. She will carry her cell phone with her at all times and will not leave the Greater Knoxville/Maryville area unless it is an emergency or an event disclosed at the time of the signing of this contract.

* Our labor doula will meet with us for 2 prenatal preparation sessions in our home (or the location of our choice) including, but not limited to the following discussions: help designing a birth plan, choices in childbirth, comfort measures, pain management, risks/benefits of various procedures, and postpartum adjustment.

* In the event of a possible induction of labor, our labor doula will provide an additional prenatal preparation session to discuss options with regard to induction of labor, including the risks and benefits of each method, medical reasons for induction, and choices that may prevent unecessary induction.

*Our labor doula will provide continuous labor support from the time we ask her to come until after the baby is born. She will come to our home or meet us at the hospital, whichever we prefer. She will not leave unless we ask her to, and then will be available by phone. In the event that labor exceeds 24 hours, our doula may call a backup doula to care for us while she takes a nap. We have the option to meet this backup doula if we desire.

*Our labor doula will provide 1-2 postnatal visits to our home (or hospital) to discuss the birth, answer any questions we may have, and provide breastfeeding support. These visits will take place within three weeks of the birth.

For my doula fee, I charge $300. That includes all that is stated above. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due upon signing of the contract with the remaining due at or before 36 weeks of pregnancy. This $200 is refunded if I (or the backup doula) do not make it to the birth due to my own error. If I or the backup doula misses your birth due to your error or actions, the $200 is not refunded.  A spot on my calendar will be reserved for you when the deposit is paid and contract signed. I will not schedule any other expectant mother one week before or after her due date.

I charge an additional $150 for photography. That includes 50+ pictures during labor and after the birth, a CD of the edited photos and an 8" x 8" embellished scrapbook of 20-30 selected photos. We would discuss what pictures you would want taken a few weeks before your estimated due date. A non-refundable deposit (unless I cannot make it to the birth) of $50 is required upon signing of the contract and the remainder due at 36 weeks of pregnancy.

I am also available for postpartum services. Email me if you are interested and I will be glad to work something out with you.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.
Judy Dudley, Doula

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