Friday, March 22, 2013

Save the Date: April 20, 2013

Busy days lately. I'm getting ready for the Natural Parenting Expo that will be in Knoxville next month. I will have a booth, sharing with people what I do as a doula. I'm so excited as I prepare brochures, order free samples and gather supplies to take with me.

If you are expecting, or have little ones, or if you are a grandparent, guardian, etc., you will probably find something to enjoy at the Natural Parenting Expo. There will be door prizes, lots of cool products offered by local businesses, as well as doulas, midwives, and other health care professionals there to offer their services.

Also, at 11:00 AM the day of the event there will be The Great Cloth Diaper Change, a Guinness World Records Diaper Changing Challenge. This will be a time where parents will attempt to break the record for the most reusable cloth diaper changes at one time. Diapers will be changed around the world as a part of this event.

From the Great Cloth Diaper Change website:

"2013: This year, the Great Cloth Diaper Change moves to a more global-friendly Guinness World RecordTM format. We will be changing diapers at the same LOCAL time (11am), meaning the change will roll around the globe with the clock. We expect to beat our previous record and increase the number of countries participating in this cloth diaper awareness event!"

It sounds like we will be having a great time on April 20th! For more information on location, times and who will be there, visit the expo's website.

I hope to see you there!


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